1990 Club Car Gas hard starting


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I am a brand new member and am glad to be here. this is my first golf cart and I know little about them. It is very difficult to get started. the starter is turning over and then it will fire once. then it will turn over and fire again. it is like it winds up and then fire. the longer this goes on the better it gets. It will finally start turning over and will eventually start.

I just took the battery to auto zone and it is fine, even under a load. I changed the oil, put a new fuel filter on and put new gas in the tank I am not a auto mechanic and am not sure what course to follow. what should i look at next???

your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Joe


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I'd start with taking the carburetor apart and give it a GOOD cleaning. If that doesn't fix it check the valve lash and check compression.




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if its cranking over and starting even though hard starting yes a fuel issue.......either carb or fuel pump......that cart should have 2 fuel filters on it did you change both? was fuel filter a small white filter? if so follow the fuel line to carb there might be another one thats quite easy to miss, if not that i would do the carb before fuel pump...as mentioned tear it off and really go over it good and see if that cures it..............did you change spark plug and air filter?......................


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I changed the oil (nasty & black) and checked the plug. It was fairly new so I cleaned and re-gapped. I changed the top fuel filter and did not know there was a second. will get new air filter and 2nd fuel filter as well as clean the carb.

this thing is old enough not to have an oil filter, is there anything that can be done other than more frequent changes?

Thank you so much!!!! I will post follow up!!! appreciate the help !!!!!


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Oil is cheap, if the carb is not working right or it has low compression the fuel will push passed the rings and get into the oil. once it runs right the dirty oil problem may go away


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I took the carb apart and cleaned it out. soaked it all night and brushed it out. found that the noise i heard was the belt slipping on the starter so that is no longer an issue.

it is still engaging the starter as soon as I turn the switch on. I dont have to press the accelerator. I have moved and switched wires and it has not fixed the problem.

Not sure what to do now............... anybody have an idea???????????

much appreciated!