1990 3pg 2 stroke hard start


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I have a 1990 EZ-go 2 stroke 3pg that I have owned for eight years the cart has recently become increasingly hard to start. It always turns over when stepping on the pedal and seems to turn fast enough. However with or without the choke applied it becomes necessary to push or park on a hill to complete the starting process.
I have recently purchased a new carburetor and this did not help. I have checked fuel flow from the pump and it appears adequate but I do not have avalue to measure it by from the Ezgo manual. It will pump 4 0z. in 15 seconds of cranking engine.
The only thing left to me is the ignition timining is correct but I feel the spark is not strong enough?
Any suggestions on testing spark strength or other ideas????


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With the Ezgo 2 stroke I had, I did not think the spark looked strong at all, but was told this is normal. I had no problems with it.
I can not say enough; CHECK THE COMPRESSION! Any motor will be hard to start with low compression. Another thing that will cause poor performance is bad crank seals. But the first thing to do is check your compression.