1989 Custom Cushman Bogging down going up inclines


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I have a 1989 Cushman (custom model) that I purchased about 2 months ago from a person close to my house. He only used it for tooling around his yard with his kids and it is in excellent shape. He said he put new batteries in it a year or so ago when I purchased it so we are thinking the batteries are a year and a half old at the most. We bought it because we have a permanent camp site and they allow golf carts. It also has a golf course right next to the camp grounds so we use it for the campgrounds and for golf. The first month and a half we had it, it just ran great. We could even spin the back tires if we took off to fast (that still works but we don't do it). The last couple of weeks, when we go up inclines, it tends to bog down and today it got really bad on the golf course and I didn't know if we would even get back to the campground. I checked the water in the batteries and filled them yesterday before golfing today thinking that might be it but it was even worse today. We are going to test all the batteries next weekend when we are up there again but is there anything else I need to worry about because I heard parts are extremely expensive and hard to find for these Cushman carts since they don't make them any more. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. The golf cart has 6 batteries and they are the top of the line batteries Trojan.


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What your describing sounds like one or more bad batteries.
Check them with a digital meter after a charge and again after a hour or so of actual run time. Also take a good look at all your cable connections.