1989 Club Car Battery Problems


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Hello all, I’m a new member here. I don’t know diddly about golf carts.
Golf cart is a Club Car, 1989 vintage, s/n D893 150200.
Heres the problem: cart ran great until the owner topped off the old batteries with battery acid instead of distilled water. So I bought new 12 volt DuraCell golf batteries for it. Since then the charge has not been lasting. Also the battery compartment gets hot.

I have replaced the ignition switch because we found out the original one didn’t have to have a key installed on turned on for it to run. I also replaced the buss bar and one of the wires to it due to a lot of corrosion.

my question for you guys is does anyone have a picture of the correct battery hookups?

have attached a picture of the way it was when my friend got it and the way I hooked up the new ones


The old pic there shows 6 6 volt batteries. If you did, in fact, buy 6 12 volt batteries you have double the voltage the cart needs.


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In the original post I stated that I bought 12 volt batteries, infact they were GC2 6volt batteries. Sorry
Measure your voltage across the pack where the red and black wires are - the ones that travel down under the cart. That's your main positive and negative, you should have 36+ volts. If not something is hooked up improperly.

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Looks correct to me, is the heat coming from the resistor coils behind the batteries? Will it stop heating up if you shift into neutral? Does the accelerator pedal respond normally or does it run slow?


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Not sure where the heat is coming from. In a new twist, the battery in the top left of the picture blew the caps off with a loud bang. Am replacing that battery plus I bought a new solenoid. Any ideas? It will probably be a few days before I get back to work on it.

Anyway, when it is going, accerleration is great.