1988 EZGO Marathon Ignition Switch Questions


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Backstory: picked up a 1988 EZGO Marathon in good overall condition for next to nothing. Batteries were toast so got a set of new pro series. Previous owner had rigged a toggle switch for the ignition. Wiring was pretty messy with that and stuff was sloppy.

Fast forward to battery install and new 8 gauge cables ran with my brother and we realize the electric motor was toast. Replace motor. No action after rewiring but notice the F/R micro switch is toast. Order that and ignition to replace and rip out the toggle switch. Thankfully I finally
Found a readable diagram on this website! However main question is the ignition switch isn’t marked it’s a factory replacement two connectors on the back w/o factory light option. Does it matter which connector goes on which plug? I see one goes to the Solenoid and one goes to the Microswitch on the F/R switch.. SECOND question the micro switch in question since it is routed to the backside of the F/R switch board (where A2 and S1 etc connect) is this the microswitch with the factory installed red wire



With the EZGO 2 post key switch if you wire it wrong it will still work but be backwards so you would just need to swap the wires.