1988 Ez Go Lift Kit


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Where can I get a lift kit for a 88 ez go. I can make one, the rear end looks simple, add a spacer under the springs and make some shackels for the swing arm. Now the front end I have not figured out yet, If I drop the spindels I think I will throw off the stering geometry. Need Help...


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You could try the site sponsors. If they don't have one I know BU has one that will fit your cart.
Hi Flylow, check out my pics in lifted carts section under X Phantom Phixer, I have an 84 & 89 ez-go and lifted the 84 5" using a home brewed setup. The pics should show enough detail to show how I did it, it's not a big deal, pretty straight forward stuff. You will need to do some cutting and welding to modify steering parts in the front the way I did it. Hope this helps and good luck and welcome to the forum. Bob