1988-89 Cart

I had my cart repainted and tricked it out.

Now, I'm having problems with it running.

Everything starts up fine then after driving it for a little bit, it slows down, then stops and it won't go. The motor is sputtering, but it won't go. Now if I choke it sometimes it helps and will get the cart going. Once it gets warmed up, it doesn't seem to have a problem running. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be?

I though that maybe it was the fuel pump, but if that was the problem why would it run fine once it gets warmed up?

The other one was that maybe the ignitor was going bad, but I don't know?

Anyone have any ideas?
Well figured out the problem, vacuum hose to the fuel pump was cracked. When the cart warmed up the hose was soft and the crack sealed. When it was cool, the crack was open and caused the problems.


Glad to hear you figured out your problem. Thanks for posting the follow up...