1987 Gas Club Car - no crank


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I have a 1987 club car with a gas engine. It will not crank. I thought it was the starter brushes so I ordered a set and replaced them with no improvement. So then I ordered a starter. It is not an original club car starter, but is marked the same. I checked voltages at the solenoid and the voltage is 12.5 volts at all three terminals except the one going to the starter when the cart is on. When I depress the footfeet there is no voltage to the terminal that goes to the starter (I thought there was the first time I checked it and that is why I replaced the starter. At this point I am thinking bad solenoid, but if I try to jump it from the terminal coming from the battery to the one going to the starter I get a tremendous amount of spark and still no cranking. The fuse near the solenoid is not blown. Can anyone give me some tips for troubleshooting this problem. I want to get some golf in!