1987 Columbia Switching Electronic Ignition for Points System

TK tinman

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I'm switching the electronic ignition to points system. I have a points kit system retrofit for my 1987 Columbia I bought from one of your recommendations. From Vintagegolfcartparts. i buy everything from them. My question is the new kit has a label that says...." must use 12 volt coil with proper internal resistor or damage may result " I just bought a new yellow accel coil #8140 because it was convenient locally. And my original was literally leaking coil oil out. Does that off the shelf yellow coil contain the resistor


TK tinman

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I'm not putting these in until I get the resistor situation figured out. I did buy the "higher quality points "that were recommended specifically if I were doing 86-89 points refit.
They look the same as the ones that came mounted to the plate.
I've seen that if you have points that you NEED a resistor.
Any thoughts about this or recommendations.
I would update you on my results and progress but nothing so far has corrected the cart just shutting down after a minute drive. All fuel carb to tank is new. Now working on the electrical side of things.20200727_134620.jpg


Should say on coil if it has a resistor internal. , if not Napa sells a resistor block you can install to positive side of coil. The resistor reduces arching on points.

TK tinman

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Success. By removing the electronic ignition module and pickup from the crank end and replacing it with a new ignition points plate with points, condenser, lead wire kit it corrected the problem of mysteriously shutting down after a minute of driving. It also dramatically improved its starting time and driving in forward and reverse has greatly improved from a standstill. I'm pleased with the results. You can see in the picture the resistor I installed to the +coil side bought at napa for $9. I did put the points cover on with gasket after picture.
Item # IG11-015 ignition plate kit
Item # IG11-062 premium ignition points
For my 87 Columbia par car.
If your reading this far and have this engine... I had excellent luck with the replacement carburetor item # FU22-270
I just used 2" bolts in the factory bracket to reposition the choke and throttle cable mounting. Absolutely use a vacuum fuel pump. And a high capacity fuel filter.
3/4 turn out is carb adjustment. These item #s are for vintagegolfcartparts.com
Thanks to the guys who helped in the forum.
The smallest information is helpful when I knew nothing about this buggy. Your links are great.



Glad you got the electronic ignition to points conversion sorted out on your Columbia Par Car. Thanks for the part number information I'm sure it will help someone in the future.