1986 marathon power upgrades


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Okj I am sure this has been asked before but I cant find anything on it. What is the best way to get a lil more speed out of my 86 marathon? Also I have seen automatic batterie chargers would these work on a 12v car battery? I am planing on adding one soon to power my neons and also I am hoping to add a cd player amp and 1 10" sub so I know I need all the juice I can get. lol thanks for any help!


86 would be a resistor cart so you could up the voltage to 48 volts without needing anything but the batteries and charger. The 36 volt solenoid will work for a while or you could replace it with a 48 volt. The high speed motors don't play well with resistors.

I'm not sure what the charger is your talking about...