1985 Melex - 3 wheel cart

1985 Melex - 3 wheel Golf Cart - 36 volt - the Good points are - the cart is in overall good condition, good top with one small hole, frame is solid, new seat covers, good strong motor, good wheels & tires, all batteries are good and hold charge well, brand new controller, trailer hitch for garden trailer and 1 7/8 ball for regular trailer, extra set of wheels and tires, steering & suspension is very solid, charger works like new - now the Bad point is that there is a shear pin in the coupling that connects the motor to the drive train so the motor spins but the cart won't move. The gears and axles all appear to be good, no grinding noise or anything like that. I had somebody look at it and that is what he said is wrong. This is simple to fix but I'm not wanting to take it apart nor do I have the time - I 'm wanting a John Deere gator or a 4 wheeler or a mule that will better suit our needs for our farm work. This will make somebody a nice , fun little starter cart for the kids to play on or run around on. I thought about parting it out but I'd rather just sell the thing in one piece and make somebody a good deal. Who's gonna be the first bidder ????? We are located between McKinney and Sherman, Texas just a little east of Hwy 75. - call me at 817-504-5357