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I've got a 1984, 6 battery, 5 solenoid model. The battery compartment under seat and connections are clean. New batteries, fully charged. I suspect a solenoid problem, but I am not sure.

When I step on the pedal, the cart starts to move ok. Sometimes I hear a "click" and the cart accelerates just fine. Other times I don't hear a "click" and the cart slows to a crawl, especially on an incline. When it does slow to a crawl, I can sometimes let off the pedal and then press the pedal again and get the "click" and go.

Since there are 5 solenoids, is there a recommended order to test/replace these? For example, starting from either the driver's side or passenger side? Then again, if it is not a solenoid problem, then I'm not sure what else to check.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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i had a problem with my g1 it only has 2 solenoids it would kick into reverse randomly ALOT even while key was off and it was charging it would charge and discharge just as fast lol anyway i didnt want to take it apart so i sprayed the crap out of the solenoid with contact cleaner tried to get it up in the solenoid etc it worked fine that day then didnt work for 2 days ?!? i think that is a problem with the leads to the solenoid dont think it has to do with the contact cleaner because NEITHER solenoid would kick in anyway thats my idea hope it helps some