1984 Yamaha G1 Engine Parts Needed


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I bought this Yamaha G1 about 2 weeks ago for $180 that needed a few parts.
Was told the engine ran 2 years ago. Have a new carb and some fuel tank parts on order after putting a new battery and cables on it. Does crank very well, has spark, and fuel is getting to the carb, but it is pouring out of the overflow tube. Took the carb off and cleaned everything up, but the needle above the float is gone, thus the new carb on order.



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Thank you and I have a 1984 Yamaha G1
Need the engine shrouds and air funnel and air box with top and snorkel to carb.


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I have a couple gas at shop. If you remind me I can check and see what parts I have. They're both complete and one ran when parked 15 years ago. The china replacement carbs are garbage