1984 gas club car stalling


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Just purchased a 1984 gas club car. Drove about three blocks then it would stall out, I would choke it to get it moving again it would go around 100 feet and it would stall again. There is a real rich exhaust smell too. Rode on cart for 5 minutes and my clothes smelt like I was outside snow blowing the driveway. After I parked it in the garage smoke came from tailpipe for around a minute or so. Any ideas?????


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I'd start with checking the air filter, taking the carb apart and cleaning it, compression test.


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if you have to choke it to get it to stay running its starving for fuel so fuel filters, fuel pump, carb............change fuel filters see what happens and go from there.........its running rich from using the choke so when you get it worked out that shouldn,t be an issue............................


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Thanks all! I pulled the carb off and in doing so noticed something strange. There were two bolts, with no threads on them, just sitting in the intake between the carb and the engine. Assuming that the threads were worn off from vibrating around in there for however long they were in there. So I cleaned the carb, took the two bolts off and put everything back together. It runs alot better now. I am going to change the air filter and fuel filters today.


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thats my thinkin', a fella just don't fine screws layin' around in a intake runner unless they fell outta somethin'


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Butterfly was still there, they were somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 mm in diameter and 10-12 mm long, I was bewildered as to where they may have come from. One other thing I noticed on the carb was that there are two ports which look as though they have a press in plug in them, well one of them was missing the press in plug, is this normal?