1983 textron constant on/off starter


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Hi i have a 1983 ez go 2 stroke and it runs great the problem is i just like to putter around on my property but in order to keep the starter from kicking on and off the cart is going to fast for a comfortable cruise therefore to maintain the slower speed the starter is constantly kicking in and out is there a adjustment for this i played with the limit switch but it is adjusted as close as it think i can. I am new to these but my neighbors cart doesnt run like this with his you can run at a slow pace without the starter doing this any suggestions thanks


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i do believe that the only problem you have is carb. to govenor linkage if this is not set properly it will make the accelerator very sensitive and you cannot run at an idle speed this will make the starter engage and disengage


I agree with ftfixer. It sounds like you need to make some adjustments to suit your needs.

There's a spring between the cable stop and the throttle. Adjust the cable stop so the spring is compressed some, you will need to fine tune this to your liking. With the engine not running at full throttle there should be a 1/2 inch between the governor cable stop and the throttle.