1983 HD/Columbia wet spark plug

Heavy D

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Hi all. The wife let me get a new toy. An '83 HD/Columbia that's not running.

I put a new air filter, and new gas, properly mixed, and a new coil and spark plug. The fuel lines and filter look new, and the carb has been recenlty rebuilt or is new (as both the lines and carb have no dirt/dust on them at all).

I'm getting about 110 lbs of compression in both forward and reverse, and I'm getting spark.

It will just not stay running. It'll start with the choke pulled, and after I push the choke in, it'll run for about 10-30 seconds, and then just slowly die.

After I put the new spark plug in, and fiddled with the carb for a while, I pulled the plug back out, and it's wet and black.

Where do I go from here? I've read so many things on this forum, I think I've confused myself. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I'd take the carb apart and clean it good first. Even though it looks new if the cart sat for a while it could need a cleaning.