1982 EZGO Electric Golf Cart Help


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Hi friends! Been lurking and reading but never had chance to post because I couldn't afford one until... *cue dramatic music* a craigslist ad appeared by an apathetic owner who sold this at a great price.

Now I'm no longer ruining my car driving 1.2 miles to work, I am using my EZGO electric golf cart *crowd goes wild* and need some help.

I know, it all sounds so perfect. Except... I want to make this my own and need some help, and want to buy a top. And seatbelts. And turn signals if that's a thing. Only, I can't find a model number. I've looked up the serial number, and read through all the advice about month being J and so it was built in '83... ya but how do I find parts for it? It doesn't seem to be a marathon or txt or even HAVE a real model name. Luckily the guy remembered a week after I bought it that he had a top for it and cracked windshield, but the frame has no lid and the 80" universal tops seem too large and the 53" are too small. I measured the frame at 71" x 40" today.

Can anyone please glean some knowledge to me? I'm new to this but really want to learn. I'm not afraid to get dirty or learn to work my cart myself, but without knowing where to start gets kinda frustrating. Two calls to Ezgo have yielded no return missives.

Oh, and a new gear shift knob because whatever this thing is hurts if you accidentally graze your leg on it. :(

That said, holy heck is this fun to drive!



Welcome to the forum and congrats on the cart.

If you post the serial number and model number we can help you figuring out what you have. EZGO Marathons were built from 1976 to 1993 and it looks like that's what you have.