1981 Yamaha G1-A2 Starter Generator Play in Mounting


1981 Yamaha G1-A2 starter generator play in mounting? I had read somewhere that a worn mounting bolt or tube under the starter generator could cause noise.

With belt and tensioner removed I can move the entire starter generator assembly a bit and find play in the bolt and tube where mounted to the frame.
However, since the starter generator is always pressed away from the engine by the tensioner assembly to keep a tight belt, wouldn't this play be acceptable and only detected when tension is released and belt removed?

Could this be a source of any elusive noise? Does the tube and bolt need replacing? If so, does anyone know a source for the tube and bolt?

Please check out this video.



Engine noise confirmed. Piston/cylinder worn beyond tolerance AND crank bearing on fan side was crap...the nylon cage completely gone! Note to others: when changing crankcase seals, look closely at the bearing behind it! I didn't notice bearing needed replacing until I was cleaning crankcase in parts washer.


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