1981 EZGO Marathon - Suspension


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I have a 1981 EZGO Marathon, gas cart. The cart is finally up and running great, so i'd like to move on to improving the suspension for better ride and control. The old gas carts are basically leaf springs cut in half up front, so I was curious if anyone has any suggestions to improve the suspension up front that would also improve the control of the cart. When driving the cart now, the steering is loose and bounces all over the place when there is a bump in the road. I also have a rear seat that when occupied, the back end rides really rough and inst great for the passengers.

Thanks in advance!


I would start by checking all the tie rod ends also checking the toe, shocks will stop the bounce, the rear springs are weak on those carts. Installing coil over shocks will help but you would need to make some mounting hardware or look for air shocks.