1981 EZGO Marathon 2 Stroke Golf Cart Value


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I’ve got a 1981 EZGO Marathon 2 stroke golf cart. The cart runs great and has a lot of new parts and I was wondering what the value is. In the last year the battery, fuel pump, starter, plug/plug wire, carburetor, both belts, fuel filter and all fuel lines, and air filter have been replaced with top of line new parts. The cart has new wheels and tires with very little use and also a folding rear seat with a seatbelts. The paint is original blue but in decent shape. No rips or tears in the seats.

I’m having trouble figuring out the value of these older carts. I know it’s market based and will obviously depend on who is shopping carts at the time, but I would like to sell this one and upgrade to something a little newer that rides a little better for my wife and kids. The older cart suspension is pretty rough.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


The 2 stroke golf carts value is quite a bit lower than a 4 cycle. Without seeing it it's hard to say but if the golf cart is in decent condition and has no major issues I'd say somewhere around $800 - $1200. Location also makes a difference in price. If you can post a couple pictures of the cart we could give you a batter idea of what it's worth.


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Thanks for the reply! I was suspecting the value was in that neighborhood. I will get some pictures together and post them this weekend.

Thanks again!