1980 Yamaha G1 Fabricating Custom Parts

John Campbell

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My first cart, 1980 Yamaha G1. Fabricating custom parts and need ideas/guidance.

So far I have bypassed governor, ordered lift kit from Jakes, fabricated and fiberglassed (another first for me also), adding recessed led taillights, recessed headlights (12" 20 bulb LEDs), found Volvo sedan bezels for headlights at pull apart junkyard and molded them in. Also from pull apart, fabbed a front bumper and brush guard from a polaris and working on a removable cooler rack for front that was a tao tao atv back rack.

Fabbing windshield frame, made custom brackets. Far from done, but enjoying the hell out of it! Anybody have any ideas on folding rear seat? Still trying to work that one out.

Those of us that own and/or work on these Yamaha G1's need to keep sharing ideas and tips. Since obviously there is a VERY limited aftermarket for parts and accessories. They must really hate these carts since it's easier to get stuff for a g2 dawg lol

Please help out on seat ideas! Thanks


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Buggies Unlimited sells a rear seat for a Yamaha G1 but it's not a folding seat. Building your own or making one fit from another model might be your only options on a folding rear seat for a G1.