1979 ezgo


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I am very new at this golf cart thing and came across a mention of bbq your muffler to burn out the oil, I hope this doesn't sound to dumb but how do you bbq the muffler, do you just get a pit fire going and lay it in the fire and if so what do you use to burn, the more the detail the better?

Also does anyone know what size of drive belt I would need? Mine got twisted and chewed up a bit and I need another, its for a 1979 3 wheel golf cart with a robin engine model EC25DS 244cc.

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Start a fire with wood and lay the muffler in the fire. Don't move it around while it's in the fire. Leave it in the fire until the fire goes out and the muffler has cooled down.

The belt should be 1-3/16" W. x 45" OD and the EZGO part number is 14153-G1


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Hey thanks for the help. I am sure glad I found this site, there is ton's of info here and you all are a great help.

Thanks again HotRodCarts for your help