1979 ezgo problems


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Hello. New here. I have some issues to ask some experts. I have a 1979 ezgo with the 244Robin 2 stroke. This cart long ago belonged to my grandfather and was givin to me after going threw the family. The body is in great shape but I just cant seem to keep it running. So far I have put a new carb, new fuel pump, and a new piston and rings in it. (STD piston, honed cylinder.) Reeds look good. Did new gaskets for head, jug, reed, carb and pretty much anything air/fuel related. I think the main problem I was chasing before was lack of compression due to chunk out of piston and rings being pretty bad. Now I go to fire it and it will spit out of the carb. Runs. But pretty much backfires, without the fire, through intake. Question, my coil post broke off also. I tried to temp. use an automotive 12v coil. Is there a difference in a coil for a 2 stroke? I do not have a condenser on it at this time either. Didnt have one on it when I got it. Points were done about 4-5 years ago and I didnt have all these problems to this extent untill I lost total compression. I am trying to make this thing run good and clean once again. Like I remember it did long ago. Thanks in advance.