1979 EZGO Oil and Gas Mix Ratio


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I have a old EZGO 2 stroke cart its a robin engine model EC25DS 244 cc and I cant get a straight answer on the oil and gas mix ratio, all I can read on the cart is the break in period is 40:1 but can't read the 2nd line which has a different ratio can you PLEASE let me know the correct ratio mix?

I also am having a problem reading the serial model number to find out the year can you help with that, here is what I think it reads: 79GO I7B975 I think its a 1979 model?

Also is there any place to get a manual without paying a lot, is there a free download anywhere?
I have a lot of work ahead on this old beast, I have it working but the previous owners have by passed so many things, like when you start it, it runs constantly not only when you press the petal down and it will not charge the battery (not sure on that one) so I am glad I found this site.