1978 3 wheeler motor test


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I'd like to test the motor and saw how to test a series wound motor but the studs are labeled differently. Looking from the rear of the motor and on centerline there's F2 then F1 then A2 to the left of center and A1 to the right of center.

A2 A1



differential end

I noticed that when I posted this the F1 and F2 moved to the left but they're really on centerline.

To connect a 12V battery which 2 studs should be connected by a jumper wire?
This old cart has bad batteries and if anything comes up bad it may go back to the weeds.


Put a jumper wire from a "A" terminal to an "F" terminal. (Example: A1 to F1)...
Then hook a 12 volt battery or 12 volt battery charger in the 15+ amp range to the remaining "A" and "F" terminal (Example A2 and F2)...