1977 3 Wheel EZGO Marathon Electrical Issue


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I have what I believe is a 1977 3 wheel EZGO Marathon with an electrical issue. It didn’t have reverse so I bought a new forward/reverse switch...The switch was similar but slightly different so I tried to make it work...I now have reverse but the battery keeps dying...The original switch had two micro switches stacked on top of each other...the new one had them in different locations...I tried to run it with out them since I knew one was for the reverse buzzer that I don’t care for and I wasn’t sure what the other one was for but I’m starting to think I need the other one to keep the battery charged... I took my original micro switches off and put on the new forward/reverse switch but I can’t remember what wire went where and none of the wiring diagrams look correct


If you can't find the right wiring diagram here for the golf cart take a look at vintagegolfcartparts.com. They have a lot of wiring diagrams there for the older golf carts. Welcome to the forum. :hattip: