1967 Harley Davidson Engine Isn't Starting


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I've just purchased a 1967 Harley Davidson 3 wheel golf cart and was told that it ran. I wasn't able to start it at point of purchase because there wasn't a battery in it at that time and the guy that I had bought it from on Ebay wasn't there, just one of his employees. Anyways when I get it home, I put a battery in it, turn the key nothing. So I got to thinking, maybe this is like the old cars, turn key, depress gas pedal. In what I thought was neutral position on directional switch I was getting nothing, until I would swith to reverse or forward....It would crank and I would spark on the points, but engine isn't starting. What am I doing wrong?


Welcome to Cartaholics and congrats on the cart.

The cart will only try to start in forward or reverse so that is working like it's supposed to. You have spark at the points but how about at the spark plug? Is it getting gas to the carb? If yes to both questions the next step would be a compression test.