18 HP Honda V-Twin Golf Cart Conversion


They look good to me.
Hey fellas!

Filled her up with fuel and next morning the crankcase was completely full. Of fuel.

I drained it best I could and new oil and filter. I guess I'm good to go again until I forget the fuel shutoff again...

I hope everyone is well
Greetings from Southeast Alabama!!!
Hope everyone is doing well. I took a job here two years ago with the largest fire hose manufacturer in the world. Rockin and rolling ever since.
Howdy gents!
Well after about 7 years I finally got some land back out in the country, so I've went north and busted the old girl out of mothballs... Fresh battery, fresh fuel and she fired right up! (Not like she was eager to sit and idle, or anything like it, but hey...) Aired up the tires and actually took one last ride in VA before heading to her forever home in LA, (Lower Alabama :p).

So I pick up where I left off!

Short term:
- Still need brakes in a bad way, thinking about the Ausco disc set up from CPP. Unless something has changed?
- Alignment, front right is towed out and I'm waiting for old Willy Dean to get in there and break it aloose.
- Also, the used EZGO drive clutch I got second hand years ago is sticky and snatches you every time you take off. I like it, but it scares the wife and kids. Is that 780 Comet still the one to get?
- It's a lot hotter here in Bama, so I'm going to wrap the headers to combat engine compartment heat. It needed it in VA, the seat would get hot enough to make your butt sweat...
- Dash mount for my gauge, like the po-po has for that aggressive wildlife you encounter here in LA.

Longer term:
- I want to fabricate a swing-arm from-end for the old girl, she needs and deserves a face-lift! That spring frowns for a reason....
- New tires and rims
- Low-profile roll cage or fence stretcher type of set-up for clearing trails.

That's my thinking right now. I'll post some picks soon as I remember how.

HRC!!! NUBS!!! You fellas still makin' it happen? NGKRA? Anything cooking there?


Hi Doug good to see you on the forum. We're still rolling along here at Cartaholics with a lot of new members and old timers that have been around since the beginning. The NGKRA hasn't done anything in a few years but there's still a few of their members on the forum.


DirtySouth has been super busy and hasn't been on the forum in about a year I still talk with him on the phone. Nubs hasn't been around in a few months. He was a big help with the gas carts and I think he may have gotten burnt out answering questions.