18 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard

I found an 18 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard and owner says it ran well when he got it to put in a mower, but his exhaust didn't fit and a 20 hp fell in his lap that his exhaust did fit. Dude's asking $300 for it. I could probably get it for $250. He's had it sitting around for a couple years. Is it worth building this one to possibly race, or should I hold out for a 23?
I've got a Ezgo ST Sport I hope to get for racing, but that's not a done deal yet. What do you guys think?


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My 18's run right along side the best of the 23's. $250 is a great price. Make sure it's a Vanguard. :thumbsup: :hattip:
I guess there's some I/C models out there? What's the best way to tell when looking at it? And if it's not a Vanguard, walk away from it huh? Appreciate it DS.


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I/C's have opposed cylinders, inteks are also v twins but are a different animal :thumbdown:
Well there you have it. I will get the model number tomorrow and look it up to make sure it is a Vanguard. If so I'll pull the trigger.

Really appreciate you guys' advice. :thumbsup:
Well the guy had no idea what he had. He had it high up on a shelf when I saw it yesterday, I asked him to give me the model number today 303777..... It's a freakin' 16 hp vertical shaft!
He had it sitting up on its side thinking it was horizontal! :rotflmao:

The quest continues.....

Caveat emptor!!!
I found a Honda 18 V-twin. Runs according to my brother who went and looked at it. It is on a roller used on an asphalt crew. Roller has hydraulic system powered by the 18. Something went up in the hydraulic system and paving contractor is junking the whole unit.

Is there anything I need to look out for? I know a lot of people like the Hondas, but I have even less experience with them than Briggs...

So what should I look out for?


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hondas are good engines just not alot of aftermarket goodies out there. there is two versions, consumer and industrial. both will work but many of the parts are not interchangeable, the easiest way to tell the difference is in how the intake bolts to the head. the consumer version intake bolts to the outside of the head and the industrial mounts to the head in the valley. what size is the pto?


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Arent there a lot of hop up parts for inteks? I thought those were popular in lawn tractor racing. Every opposed engine Ive ever dealt with had oil burning issues.
Don't know what the shaft is at the moment. My brother is in VA Beach and I'm 2 hours north of him, so I will be taking a ride as soon as I get the word he can get me in to buy it. If I get model number or pics before then I'll post them.

I was thinking of leaving this one pretty close to stock and putting it in the Melex. Provided nothing pops up unexpected, this motor will be very inexpensive. The motor I want to build is the Vanguard. I'd like to put that in a ST Sport. So I'm still searching for that.


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yeah there's a aftermarket for the intek, the opposed engine makes good power at 3500r's but thats about it. there heavy as an anchor and spool up slow, take up alot of room also
Is a stock 18 enough to break the wheels loose in dirt? I mean would the stock motor be enough to make the cart powerful enough to be fun? Would I have to change gears in the differential or something? Top speed would not be much different if the operating RPM range is basically the same, right? Just get there a lot quicker?