12 Volt Weed Killer Sprayer Hooked To 8 Volt Battery


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I have a 48 volt Club Car with 6 new 8 volt batteries last fall. I am using it to spray weed killer for food plots. I simply hooked the srayer accross one (1) battery. Yes it's a 12 volt sprayer but it seems to be working fine on 8 volts. My question is will the the battery pack equalize itself out or will this one battery become drained by itself, causing any problems? Is there a better way to hook up 12v accessories?
I was running my on 6 volt at first by accident. I would check if the motor was getting extra hot running on 8v (not sure it would or not). 16 volts should not be over the top but I would just use 8 volts if it worked for your task OK and did not get super hot.

Now adding a 12v battery would be doing it by the text book but my farm boy streak over takes my geek streak in the these cases. :rotflmao:

Now if you are going to be using the sprayer 40 hours a week for 10 weeks this summer then I to would the 12 volt battery option. :thumbsup:

How many hours to you expect to be spraying a month?


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Great thoughts GH, never thought of how much spraying one might do and the pump will work on either 8v or 16v. :thumbsup: