12-Volt "Nitrous!"


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Hey guys,

I know a lot of you go with six 8 Volt batteries to make 48 volts, and then use that to power your 36 volt motor.

I've got a couple of questions and I just wanted to make sure i understand this before I do anything stupid.

As was mentioned in one of my other posts, I know a lot of you guys use a 12-volt battery to power all your other stuff (like the lights and whatnot). I was wondering, can that 12-volt battery be used as a "booster" if I need an extra kick going up a hill? I noticed that my cart slows down as it's going up the hill, and I'm wondering if I installed a momentary switch to give me a bit more power to the motor, if that would be ok?

How would I go about doing this? Or is that a dumb idea?

By the way, I got the medical cart all sorted out and it runs awesome!



This cart is a coil cart or a controller? If it's a controller you need to make sure the extra voltage doesn't fry it.
If it's a coil cart just add it and forget about it. You want hurt a thing. Leave it hooked up all the time for more speed and torque.You will have to charge it some how though.
You can add as much voltage as you can stand to a coil cart but over 48 volts things start friying real quick if it's not right.