12 Volt Batteries?


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Hey guys,

Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but I noticed on a lot of your carts, I see a "7th" battery that appears to be a regular 12 volt car battery. I was curious what the purpose of this was for? I'm guessing / assuming this is probably to power headlights, stereos, stuff like that.

Is this normal for all golf carts? Or is this something rather custom? Also, will this battery get charged along with the 6 volt batteries or do you typically put a trickle charger on it?



I have never put one in my cart, but they are charged seperatley with a 12 volt charger. People run all their acc. on them lights, radio, etc. The idea of this is to not put your batt. pack out of balance. If you had a lot of acc. and say you ran them off the center 2 batt. they would run down a lot lower then the other 4. A lot of guys switch the power leads to a different set of batt. every few weeks to try and keep the pack in balance.


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as cartaholic said most guys use that battery for radio, lights, and other things so you,ll have to charge it by itself with an automobile type charger, you can run all that stuff from your batteries as it is buts its a good idea to change up every month or so on which 2 batts, your using so you can try and keep the pack even best as possible........................this eliminates the need for another 12 volt deep cycle battery, a place to put it and another charger along with some hassle of always needing to know if the battery is even any good...........................................