08 Yamaha Drive (Gas) Starting & Shifting Issues

T-Bone's Yami

New Member
My 2008 Yamaha G29 Drive (Gas) golf cart won't start and the forward/reverse lever is stuck in the forward position. I drove it last Saturday and then parked it in the shed, without any issues, but the next morning when I went to pull it out of my shed, I noticed that I could not move the shift lever to the reverse position. After not being able to put the cart in reverse, I decided to try and drive it forward a bit, but the cart wouldn't start, it just made a clicking noise when I push the accelerator pedal. Does anyone have any advice on what might be wrong with it?


It could be a bad shift cable, something like a branch stuck under the golf cart, etc. causing it the be stuck in gear. Try raising the seat and shifting the golf cart by hand at the rear end. For the starting problem check the battery voltage and the cable connections. Welcome to Cartaholics. :hattip: