08 club car 12 mph?


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12 to 14 is stock speed however depending on model or maybe even all that year you should be able to have speed turned up.......................................


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On an IQ cart there are 3 stock speed codes 1~3 code 3 gets you about 14.6 mph. There is one private code, code 4 which get you about 19.6 mph.

There are 3 ways to get code 4 speed
1 club car
2 speedylink
3 two speed kit @ ( gaminde.net )

you have options they will all give you about 19.6 mph speed
oh and the last one is made in the USA


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The PH is a Precedent I2 Excel and it has a top speed of 19.2.
They should be basically the same as the PQ as far as operations.
before you buy ask for money back if it doesn't work for you.