07 pds loses power quickly


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i am new to the forum, and i did try to search past posts as to avoid redundancy, but i still have a few questions. i have an 07 pds with the freedom plug, and May 09 batteries. every connection seems to be clean as can be, water levels are fine, and after taking off controller cover, there is not even a speck of dust on it--looks like new. i have had three different people check batteries and charger and say that they are fine. it has a battery meter on dash and in the past we could always play 27 holes and still show 3/4 full on the meter. now after 5 or 6 holes it is at 3/4 and the cart will barely make 12 holes.
on a full charge it will throw your head back at WOT, but after a couple of holes the take off power is gone, and you can not go up a steep hill. the puzzling part to me is that although you can't go up a hill after a few holes, you still have close to full top end speed when you are on a flat or downhill cart path. other carts that had low batteries would barely creep in to the clubhouse.
i would appreciate any and all advice. thanks

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I would say try a BLS electronic or any other brand like Power pulse desulfator or look on ebay for 36 or 48 volt charge for what ever voltage your cart is. I maintain some newer ezgo 2009 or 2010 carts. But they are starting to slow down a bit. I would guess these won't effect a warranty like a battery chemical might.

Just hook it up to your batteries B+ and B- terminals and it works 24/7 and forget about it. But within a day or two I bet you will start to notice an improvement in your carts performance and decrease charging times almost like when it was new.



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You either have 1 bad battery or you got a loose connection on the battery terminals. Check that all the cable connections on the battery's are tight.
I agree with dirtysouth.

We have the same year cart with Oct 2006 36v battery pack. So far so good the year we have owned it but did a BatteryMinder to keep the batteries clean on the inside and fully charged.

When I first got it the battery cables looked fine but when I removed and cleaned each they did not look as fine as I first thought and did find a new like used set.

Does your cart see regular daily/weekly usage? Has it been parked more than a few weeks between charges?

Bet you will find a voltage difference between the batteries after they set for a day or two.

Keep us posted. Locally Interstate replacement batteries run about $500 the guy told me recently when picking up a new starting battery for the motor home. He was out because many were heading south for the winter and buying new house and cart batteries. :)