06 ezgo completly submerged


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this thing sat in a pond for at least 13-14 hrs. is there anything worth saving? motor, batts, controller? i have a pic but not sure how to post it


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Was the key on when it went in?
If not, don't turn the key on yet.
Don't pressure wash the electronics.
You may be able to dry everything out including the batteries.
Salt water or fresh?


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It is very easy to post pictures. The easiest way is go to a FREE site like photobucket and get an account. Upload your pictures to Photobucket, then move your cursor over the picture you want to post. Move the cursor down to the box next to IMG CODE. Left click on the words in the box to highlight them, then right click on the words and choose Copy. Then in your Cartaholics post, right click and choose Paste. The main thing is getting the pictures hosted, you can't just add them from a file on your computer.


It can happen. It happened to me. 3 year old girl, pond, long story short, nobody got hurt. This is a list of everything I had to do to the cart:

Cart was 2004 EZ-GO with brand new batteries. Stayed under water for about 30 minutes.

1. Controller was toast to the point that it could not ever be rebuilt. I sent to FSIP, they said it was too far gone for a rebuild.

2. Took floor mat up and blew water out of the ITS box. Got lucky on this part because any hairline crack in the ITS would have caused a replacement to have to happen.

3. Batteries actually survived, they were new. But like I said, it was only under water for 30 minutes.

4. Drained rear end oil and refilled.

5. This one I did not think of until later when I needed to work on brakes on the cart. The hubs had rusted to the axle splines. You should get your rear hubs off as soon as possible and clean and grease the axle splines.

6. Removed motor. Disassembled and cleaned and dryed and put back together. This should be done ASAP also because it will rust on the input shaft.

Cart has run great ever since. This happened about 3 years ago. Hope this helps and good luck.


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fresh water, and the cart girl dropped a crate of range balls on the accelerator and off it went a good 350-400 yards, she chased it all the way screaming, asked her if anybody got it on vid cause it would get a trillion hits on utube and she almost started to cry. my bad
here some pics