06 EZ no GO

Jayhawk Buggie

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Got a problem so time to quit lurking. I have an 06 TXT that only clicks when the pedal is pushed. I can sometimes spin the clutch, push on the pedal and it will fire up and go.

Had no issues until I tweaked the governor. Is it possible that the starter/gen can run too fast and cause electrical components to "begin" to fail?

I have a fair amount of mechanical knowledge but just learning about carts. My cart is at the lake so I cannot check anything until the weekend. If you guys could give me some items check or look for I would greatly appreciate it.

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sounds like sticking or worn brushes in the starter, them start/gen's can take 7K for some time before burnin' up so what your doin' won't have much affect on it.


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I don't suppose you need to be told to check your battery charge.
Check the ground between the motor and frame.
Make sure all wires are thght and clean.

Jayhawk Buggie

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Battery and terminals are good. What is under the plastic cover next to the battery with the single bolt holding it down? Is that a grounding point to the frame?

Jayhawk Buggie

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There is all kinds of crap under that black cover! Took all the grounds loose and cleaned them and seems to be working fine now. Thanks

Jayhawk Buggie

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Back to no-go.

Fires up if I tap the starter/gen so thinking brushes. I thought I saw a how to thread but can't find it. Little help please.