'06 CC Precedent 48V


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Guys, I need help again. I believe that I have a bad battery or batteries. After fully charging my cart the battery pack reads almost 51V & each battery is over 12V(I can't remember exactly). I have only driven the cart maybe 1mile & it is about out of juice. The total pack reads 46.6V & the batteries are 12.1, 12.2, 10.0 & 12.0. I know that the 10 has to be a bad battery. Is this my only problem? I have rewired the cart while replacing the controller, motor, solenoid & F/R switch. It has increasingly gotten worse over time. It has never really run for long periods since I have had the cart. The batteries are '06. Is it just time to break down & spend $700 for new batteries?


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Thanks Hotrod, I figured that was my problem.

Just how long should I expect my cart to run on new or really good batteries? I have heard around 2hrs. Is this correct?


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that 4 battery 12 volt system sucks and i agree those voltage #,s are not good it might be time to convert back to six 8 volt batts.........you,ll be much much happier..............................


Yes about 2+ hours. A lot depends on terrain. Like shadowman mentioned you might think about converting the cart to six 8 volt batteries. The charger will still work fine and you'll have more runtime. Club Car no longer uses the four 12 volt batteries because of problems they were having. Club car sells a kit to mod the battery rack, or you can make your own.


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If you purchase Trojan T-1275 or US 12V, you should expect 4 to 4.5 years of battery life. That's assuming you play golf 3-4 times per week. If you use the cart around a community and don't play golf the batteries should last 4-5 years. Check your battery water weekly and charge after each round of golf. If your in a community and not playing golf I recommend charging the cart every 3 days for normal use and 1x per week for low use.

You may also want to check the version of you on-board computer. Ver2.6 is the most recent anything older than v2.5 should be upgraded.

I've been selling Precedents since 2004. the black OEM batteries don't last as long as the burgundy replacement T-1275 batteries from Trojan. But my customers with few exceptions following the above guidelines has resulted in the battery life I mentioned.

Good Luck