05 Precedent No Go when it rains?


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A person at Ft Wilderness campground has a 2005 Precedent that will not do anything whenever it rains. It has a cab cover/enclosure with the windshield up and even if it wasn't being driven it will not go F or R. The reverse switch will buzz when in reverse but no movement either way. This has been going on for 2 years. Once the rain stops and it sits for an hour or two afterwards everything is fine. Yesterday his wife took the doggy's to the dog park with the cart. Everything was fine but once it started to rain it wouldn't move.

His service shop has replaced the motor, controller and key switch. They haven’t replaced his Go or Brake Pedal.

I believe I heard something about this condition before and it had to do with the Go & Brake Pedals getting water in them from a poor windshield design but this doesn’t fit his particular case.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Mine is a 2006 and even sitting or driving in the rain many times I’ve never had any problems with a No Go situation.



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The fact that it's been going on for two years without a complete failure is pretty wild. I'd move the cart to Arizona...

Sounds like a connection in the harness. I had a motorcycle that did the same thing. I used a sealant that was kinda like silicone paste on all the harness connections and never had another issue.
I can't remember the name of the stuff. Dialectric or somethin' like that. I got it at NAPA.