05 precedent 48V


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Novice needs help -
cart drove fine for about 4 hours over the last few weeks -

problem now - starts fast - after 1 min slows down to a crawl - batteries seem fully charged.
On one occasion it even cut out and stopped - after 2 hours I tried and it moved fast the slow again -

Problem with pedal switch or other switches ? Where do I start.

Where can I get trouble shooting manals for the 05 cart ?

Please help


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I think 4 hours actual running is a long time for 4 12Vdc batteries to run. You should charge them arond 50% discharge. Don't ever let them run more than 70% down (to only having 30% left). With lead acid batteries, shallow discharge is for sure the way to go.

Sounds to me like they may be discharged too far and one or more is not taking a charge. (?) You may want to charge them individually with a 12Vdc charger and see if you can get them all up to at least 50%, then you could probably get them to charge okay with the 48Vdc charger. Make sure water is covering the plates and check cables/connectors before you charge at all. If you do get them back to full charge, then you can add water up to normal fill point.

If the above does not solve the problem, "post" individual battery voltages after they have set about an hour after the charge. They should all be over 12.63 volts (total over 50.52Vdc).


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checked - batteries seem to be fine 12.6 - 12.7 V -- but gradually or sudden slow down happens after driving - First fast pick up then slow as a turtle - intermittent. ?
pedal - controller ?