'05 Ezgo ST Long Travel GSXR build...


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I've been working on my little project for a while, I picked up a 2005 ST 2+2 that was at the beach when hurricane Ike came in and I bought a 2002 GSXR 750 engine to swap in since the stock motor was junk of course. Its been a slow going project ,I've had the cart and motor for about a year now, but I've been working on it a lil more lately and just installed the new Strech long travel kit I got from Wicked carts....

Here is some of my progress:
Tore the cart apart and removed stock engine and all wiring




Started building an engine cradle

Torn down rear axle and removed all the internal governor parts, cut off the stock spring perches, installed everything with new perches and 1/2" u bolts, added lift shackels for a little extra height and got the sprocket for the input shaft

Front end before and after. I just got the correct spindles and tie rod ends for it today and have not installed them yet...



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Thanks guys, the next project is getting the motor running. I've got it to turn over but no spark and the fuel pump won't turn on.... I think i've got a ecu problem but i'm not real certain. I need to find someone that works on Suzuki bikes.


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well I finally got the motor running, It ended up being a ignition switch problem......but I don't have an ignition switch, I cut the main harness and installed a toggle and a start button, but a 30 cent resistor fixed the problem. It was a security feature issue but after doing lots of research I found out how to bypass it.
Got a set of ITP's and 22" strykers just for temporary use to roll it around on and I hope to get the motor bolted in pretty soon