05 ezgo lift


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i just bought a all sports 6 inch spindle lift for my ez go and when i got it on the front one wheel is leaning out its not straight like the other one it is the passenger side that is leaning
i was wondering if it is normal but i dont think so any help would be helpful


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Have you set the toe yet? Pics would be helpful or you can email me and I can contact you.
[email protected]

Sometimes the OE axles bend and you don't notice it until you install the bigger tires.
Sometimes one of the welders pulls a part from a fixture before it is completely welded.

Either way, we will make sure you are happy with our product.

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i dont know how to post pics but the axle if you measure the axle at the ends were the spindles bolt up and to the ground on the right side it is 3/16 of a inch shorter to the ground than the left what i am trying to say is the axle is not level it is lower on the right side