05 Electric EZGO Differential Assistance


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I have been wanting to change out the gears to 15:1 for a while but have not wanted to take the time to tear into the differential. Now it appears I have no choice as it has developed a noise.

The plan:
Change to 15:1 get set.
Add limited slip kit.
Change all bearings and seals.
Change out the drum brakes for disc brakes.

My delima is I can not find a exploded differential view with parts #s. The service & parts manuals do not cover the internal of the differential. Any have one? Need a complete list of differential parts #s so I can order all the correct parts.


I have a diagram of the rear end but it doesn't show part numbers. I'll see if I can find one with part numbers...


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Thanks ...Now if I can find parts #s I'll be in business.