05 & 08 Precedents


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I've found several 05, 06, 07 and 08 Precedents in Florida on E-bay and here locally in San Antonio in the $2700 to $2900 range.
These are bone stock and fresh off the links.

Are these good platforms to begin with?

What is the difference between these and the more squarred off body style models?

Do they have the same internals?

There seems to be a big deal made about batterries. They will advertise an 05 with 08 batteries and such.

What is the typical lifespan of a set of batteries and what is the typical replacement cost?

Are these a deep cycle battery or conventional high cranking amp type?

Are the Optima gel cells an option?


The Precedents had some problems in 2004-05 so I'd look at 2006 and up. Basically the Precedent is a IQ cart with the same electrical components as the DS IQ carts. The average life span on the 6 volt and 8 volt batteries is 5 years. From what I've seen the 12 volt batteries life span isn't quite as good (3-4 years average). The new Trojan 12 volt battery is supposed to be better quality than they were when Club Car first started using them but it's still to soon to tell how long they will last. They all use deep cycle batteries designed for golf carts. The 12 volt batteries will cost at least $125.00-$150.00 each to replace...


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thanks HRC,

I'll aim for an 06 or newer if I go that route.

Is progamming an IQ for 19 mph a problem?

I noticed that when I ran one around the Hyatt Hill Country resort last year, it seemed to sort of down shift or go into a torquier mode when pulling hills. They have some nice rigs, GPS etc. pretty cool. It knows right where you are and the distance to the pin etc.


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I bought a 2006 precedent and love it. I bought it from Steves Custome carts in Moyock NC for $2350 !! It is like new!! He has the programmer and repogrammed the computer for high speed too. I did learn from steve that you want to stay away from carts used in the south because they never stop being used.( no storage for off season) He buys his from places in Va and north. The ones from say FLA never stop.(many more hours) Last time I talked to steve he pleant of carts and had been selling 4-5 PER WEEK !! Good luck!!