03 gas club car


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I just bought a 03 gas club car I'd like to speed it up without removing the govenor the fellow went to the back of the cart and opened the access hole and adjusted something but I don't know what or what it looks like. can anyone provide me with a picture or explain what it looks like. How would I know if it adjusted to the max. thanks


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open the access cover in the back, you will see the govenor linkage coming out the top of the diff. there is a spring on it. put a zip tie though the spring, but dont tighten it all the way, start with it fairly loose then drive the cart, if you want more speed tighten the zip tie a litle more...you will know when you went too far, it will "bounce off the rev limiter on top end. maybe not the best way, but definately the easiest.


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you have to watch messing with the gov. you can mess the cart up i have seen it dozens of times and don,t reccomend playing with it there are other ways................................