'01 Club Car won't run after storm


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Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie, not only to your forum, but to golf carts in general! Any help is greatly appreciated!

I bought what is apparently an '01 Club Car 48V DS... I was told it has an upgraded faster motor and 1 yr
old trojan batteries. It had been running just great until last week when we had a lightning bolt hit very
close to our house. It messed up my AC, a garage door opener board, my sprinkler system control panel,
a few GFI plugs etc... The cart was connected to a powerdrive charger when the storm hit.

The next day I backed the cart out the garage and it turned on and went just fine... a minute later, I was
trying to go forward again and it just jerked forward really hard and completely stopped. Now when I put
in forward it just barely moves.

I checked the voltage on each battery... around 8.45 each... with a total of over 48.5 V together. Yet, the
battery low light still flashes.. I can hear the solenoid click when I put in forward or reverse... (it still beeps
when in reverse). But when I put my hands on the cables that connect to the forward/reverse switch it is
quite hot (it that normal?).

I tried doing an OBC reset... but it still won't go after trying that...

I changed out the 15amp fuse and relay on my powerdrive charger and tried plugging it back into the cart
but it doesn't hum and show the amps registering when I plug it in... so I'm not sure if the charger is
also messed up.

Any other thoughts, ideas... things I might be able to test! Thanks again in advance for any help... my
little girl keeps asking when we are going to be able to ride on the cart again! Hopefully soon!