‘89 Marathon Gas has Driver Side Lean


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I got this cart last summer and have learned a lot since then. I’ve done a lot of tuning up/replacing old parts- new oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, forward and reverse cables, radio and speakers, etc.

I just put a 4” drop axle lift kit on it, new leaf springs in the front and new 14” springs in the back (so didn’t use block spacers the kit came with). I did that last week and ordered wheels cause it looked silly on the stock wheels, even with new 18x9 tires I put on last season. So the kit recommended 22x11 so that’s what I got, 22x11 on 10s. Looks awesome.

My problem is the cart has the front driver side lean that I’ve learned is pretty common. Everyone says the fix is to replace the springs cause old carts sag from driver only use over many years- but I’ve already done that. The front left side is about 3/4” lower than the front right side and this becomes a problem when I turn left.

Anyone have any insight? Thanks.