1. Rosco4861

    G22E Controller

    Probably been asked a thousand times. But does anyone have an aftermarket controller laying around? In a tight spot right now and can’t afford new. I know many of you keep upgrading and maybe have something from a previous upgrade. Thanks in advance
  2. M

    Loss of Incline Power

    Hello, this is my first post. I have Multiple Sclerosis which makes walking very difficult, so I bought a 2004 Yamaha G22E to take me the 300' to my little wood shop and back. The grade is about 12%. The cart has 6, 8-volt, lead acid batteries for which I do keep up on the water. My cart has...
  3. W

    NIB Yamaha 9039 4 Cycle Drive Clutch

    Bought this clutch on accident several years ago and had it shipped to my dad. By the time we got around to replacing the clutch on our G1 I realized it was the wrong part and it was too late to return to Buggies Unlimited. This unit has never been installed and is the same part listed here...
  4. L

    Teeth Missing on Yamaha G14 Transaxle Ring Gear

    Started with growling noise in the transaxle on a 1996 Yamaha G14. Pulled motor and bench tested, it sounds good. Removed transaxle pan and carnage. A lot of teeth damaged on ring gear some missing. Would like to find a used one and do a complete exchange…. Plan B would be to rebuild the one I...
  5. J

    Yamaha G2 Charging System Diagnosis

    Finally got my 1987 Yamaha G2 to run and drive and have spark. I’m not too familiar with the “starter generator” charging system. I’m assuming it works like other charging systems where the “starter generator” is similar to a stator? Then sends power to the voltage regulator and then from the...
  6. Customcovers

    Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha Seat Cover Sets - Front and Rear Included $150 FREE Shipping

    Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha golf cart seat cover sets - Front and Rear Included $150 FREE shipping.
  7. S

    Help With Starter Generator Wiring on a Yamaha G16A

    help needed with a G16A Yamaha cart (1997) that set for a while and now need help with wiring back up the starter generator. Reading all the wiring manuals I still am confused. here is how I have it hooked up currently: F2-Positive from Solenoid A1-Negative from battery A2-F1 jumper connection...
  8. Delcarto

    Heavy Duty Rear Springs

    Planning to do the rear folding seat on my 2011 gas car. It was recommended that I put heavy duty springs. My question is, are the springs on amazon/ebay the same as the ones “jakes” on the cart sites for almost double the price? Or is it worth it to spend the extra cash?
  9. M

    87' Yamaha G3 Sun Classic Electric Golf Cart

    Does anyone know where the best place is to try and sell a vintage Yamaha Electric Golf cart? I am trying to sell one for my grandmother. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. D

    General Lift Questions

    I’ve installed a rear seat on my Yamaha gas G29 Drive, it’s clear I need heavy duty springs ASAP. During which I thought it would make sense to look at a lift kit along with the springs and I have some general lift kit questions and looking for reviews . This is a neighborhood cart used for...
  11. D

    Stereo In Yamaha Drive

    What is everyone doing to add a stereo to their Yamaha drive? Has anyone used the overhead stereo kit's? Do they work well and look good? I was looking at a dash mount kit from Jason's golf carts, but then how do you handle the speakers? There doesn't seem to be many dash options for the...
  12. GolfCartTireSupply

    Buying The Best Golf Cart: Buyer's Guide

    Hello fellow Cartaholics! Is a Gas or Electric golf cart better? What is the best golf cart brand? Where is the best place to buy golf carts? For those of you just beginning your search for a used or new golf cart, we have been working for months on a buyer's guide to help you in your...
  13. vernon lunceford

    Yamaha G1 Golf Cart Problem Starting In Reverse

    I have a Yamaha G1 golf cart not sure of the year, 79-82 I think. The problem is starting in reverse it starts fine in forward but in reverse it sounds is if the battery is about dead. Do you think it's a solenoid or maybe something in the starter?
  14. D

    Yamaha Golf Cart Broken Push Rod

    Yamaha G2 gas golf cart quit running so I checked all the typical stuff. Spark plug was remaining dry so I suspected intake valve was not opening. Pulled the cover and discovered the intake push rod was not seated up against the rocker arm and had dropped down. I was able to pluck it out and...
  15. M

    2018 Yamaha Drive 2 Loses Power Going Up Slight Incline

    Hello all, I very recently purchased a 2018 Yamaha Drive 2 PTV gas. On a flat road it seemed ok , but now with two people and a slight hill or incline it really bogs down and loses lots of power. Flat out stock it runs 20mph top speed, but up a light hill its 8-9 mph. I also have a EZGO rxv 48...
  16. S

    No Power After Melting Battery Terminal and Replacing Batteries

    I have an early 2000s model yamaha electric golf cart. I tried to pull a heavy load which in turn melted a loose battery terminal which stopped cart dead in tracks.(obviously) I tried to rig wire enough just to pull cart to yard to work on. Could get enough connection to turn on but would lose...
  17. Insurance_vet

    Yamaha Golf Cart Ran Out of Gas Now It Has No Power

    I'm sure this has been answered multiple times so point me in the right direction...I have a 2001? Yamaha gas cart. My wife ran it out of gas (we believe, it was running then just stopped) it was very low at a minimum. Now the engine has no power after I filled it back up with gas. It will move...
  18. HotRodCarts

    Yamaha Golf Cart Repair Yamaha Wiring Diagrams and Troubleshooting Resources

    Yamaha Golf Cart Repair Yamaha Wiring Diagrams and Troubleshooting Resources: All posts in this forum are locked to keep things neat. If you don't see the Yamaha golf cart wiring diagram or other Yamaha resource you're looking for go to either the Yamaha Electric Forum or Yamaha Gas Forum and...
  19. HotRodCarts

    Yamaha Golf Cart Owners Manuals 1984-2015 PDF Download

    Yamaha Golf Cart Owners Manual 1984-2015 All Models PDF Download Owners Manual Download - Yamaha Golf Car
  20. HotRodCarts

    Yamaha G19E Wiring Diagram - Electric

    Yamaha G19E Wiring Diagram - Electric