yamaha g16

  1. Dywhite392

    1998 Yamaha 36v G16 repair help, Full throttle at touch of the pedal in forward/reverse!!

    As the title states the Golf cart jerks and lurches forward or backward at full throttle at just the touch of the pedal. This thing basically launches into space and does a burnout on the pavement LOL. I have replaced the control sensor as well as the throttle sensor and it did not fix the...
  2. R

    2001 Yamaha G16 36v Wiring

    Hello everyone, I stripped down a 2001 Yamaha G16 and now cannot remember how it was wired. I downloaded what I think is a schematic but after wiring it according to what I have, it doesn't work. I know the following......key ignition is good. I can hear the solenoid engage.....battery pack...
  3. Red dog

    Yamaha G16 Fuel Pump Leaking

    I have a 2002 Yamaha G16, Brand new coil, new carb Cleaned and new fuel filter and lines, it’s spitting out fuel faster then we can take a leak out the fuel pump, it’s gettin to spark and fuel , But it runs And then it will just seem like it runs out of gas, then you try to give it gas on the...
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