yamaha g1

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    1980 Yamaha G1 Fabricating Custom Parts

    My first cart, 1980 Yamaha G1. Fabricating custom parts and need ideas/guidance. So far I have bypassed governor, ordered lift kit from Jakes, fabricated and fiberglassed (another first for me also), adding recessed led taillights, recessed headlights (12" 20 bulb LEDs), found Volvo sedan...
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    Yamaha G1 Front End Sagging

    Hi all, I just purchased a Yamaha G1, at least I think it's a G1, that's what the previous owner told me it was. I need to check serial numbers to find out for sure. I got a great deal so I bought the cart without a second thought. However, the more I drove it, the more the front end is sagging...
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    83 Yamaha G1 No Spark

    I’m new to the golf cart world so here’s a question. I have an 83 Yamaha G1 2 stroke, new battery, new carb, new coil and new plug. Put my spark tester on and I’m getting no spark. Initially when the throttle is pushed it cranks really slow and after 10 or so seconds it cranks faster. but still...
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    1983 Yamaha G1 Missing Fan Shroud

    I recently purchased a 1983 Yamaha G1 for $300 and I’m working on getting it running. I know for sure I’m missing the fan shroud but not sure about the fan, when looking at the schematics it shows a single bolt holding the fan, any help would be appreciated. I attached a picture of how it sits...